Collie Central | Collie Investment Prospectus: Explore Lucrative Opportunities in a Thriving Region
Discover the Collie investment prospectus, showcasing abundant job opportunities and attractive investment prospects in emerging sectors. Explore the region's potential for economic diversification and contribute to Collie's prosperous future.
Collie investment, investment prospectus, job opportunities, economic diversification
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Collie Investment Prospectus: Unlocking Opportunities for Global Investors

The McGowan Government launches an enticing prospectus to attract investors worldwide to the Collie region. This strategic move aligns with the government’s commitment to diversify Collie’s economy and create abundant job prospects through the development of new industries. 
Thanks to the state government’s dedicated efforts, Collie is experiencing a remarkable influx of investments in emerging sectors. The region showcases a range of competitive advantages, including robust infrastructure, available land, a skilled workforce, and a supportive local business ecosystem. These factors position Collie as an alluring investment destination. 
The prospectus serves as an invaluable resource for investors, offering seamless access to information on ongoing projects and lucrative opportunities across various job-intensive industry sectors. Notable sectors highlighted include manufacturing, energy-intensive industries like mineral processing, groundbreaking clean energy technologies such as battery industry development, and primary industries like agribusiness. 
Integral to the McGowan Government’s visionary “Just Transition Plan” for Collie, this prospectus acts as a guiding framework to support workers and the wider community during the town’s transition into new industries. The launch of the prospectus follows the government’s allocation of an additional $20 million to the Collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund in the 2021-22 State Budget. Overall, the government has committed over $100 million to infrastructure development, aiming to attract and bolster private sector investments in the region. 
Premier Mark McGowan emphasizes the significance of Collie as one of Western Australia’s industrial heartlands, underscoring the government’s resolute dedication to fostering a resilient and diversified economy for the town. The prospectus serves as a pivotal tool within a comprehensive package, magnetizing investment and driving job creation in Collie, securing sustained economic growth for years to come. 
State Development, Jobs, and Trade Minister Roger Cook highlights the prospectus as a gateway for investors to explore the vast potential Collie holds. With ongoing projects in job-rich industries and emerging opportunities, Collie emerges as a compelling investment destination. Cook specifically highlights the prospectus’s focus on future energy prospects, including the development of the battery industry, as an area of great interest. 
Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan highlights Collie’s success in attracting major companies and industries during its transition. The prospectus is expected to further amplify these efforts by showcasing Collie’s skilled workforce, exceptional community infrastructure, efficient transportation networks, and abundant energy resources. The document outlines funding opportunities available through the Collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund and the Collie Futures Industry Development Fund, both established by the McGowan Government. 
Collie-Preston MLA Jodie Hanns emphasizes the pivotal role of the prospectus in implementing Collie’s Just Transition Plan, crafted through close consultation with the community to prioritize the town’s best interests. Hanns acknowledges Collie’s triumph in attracting new sectors and positions the prospectus as a catalyst for further diversification of Collie’s economy with high-potential industries of the future. The McGowan Government’s unwavering support for Collie is manifested in their tangible efforts, working relentlessly towards the development of a resilient and diversified economy that will benefit the community for generations to come. 
Access the Collie investment prospectus and more details about the project at, offering investors an all-encompassing overview of the region’s potential and inviting them to contribute to Collie’s prosperous future. 
Source: Collie investment and job opportunities highlighted in new prospectus | Shire of Collie